Helping You, To Help Them

Helping You, To Help Them

ReMynd Workshops and Trainings

Teacher and parent workshops and trainings play a crucial role in fostering a strong partnership between educators and parents, ultimately benefiting the students. These platforms offer a valuable opportunity for teachers and parents to collaborate and exchange knowledge, strategies, and resources. Workshops and trainings empower teachers with the latest research-based practices, pedagogical techniques, and effective classroom management strategies that can enhance student learning outcomes. Additionally, they equip parents with tools, strategies, and a deeper understanding of their child’s educational journey, enabling them to actively support their child’s academic and social-emotional development at home. By facilitating effective communication and a shared vision, these workshops and trainings promote a supportive and cohesive learning environment for students, ensuring their overall success.

These teacher workshops cover a wide range of topics related to addressing challenging behaviors and promoting social-emotional competence in early years education. Some of the specific topics covered include how language differences affect classroom behavior, helping children understand routines and classroom schedules, promoting positive social interactions, using functional communication training to replace challenging behavior, promoting positive teacher-child relationships, inclusion and the role of the program administrator, and fostering emotional literacy in young children. The workshops also touch on topics such as mental health literacy for educators, supporting positive behaviors in the classroom, characteristics of exceptional learners, learning support for special education needs and inclusion, RTI (Response to Intervention) strategies for classroom and school-wide learning support, equity and inclusion, and basic concepts in behavior management. Additionally, there are workshops focused on specific subjects, such as literacy, executive functioning skills, living, working, and studying abroad, and the art and science of one-to-one education, as well as workshops aimed at training teacher assistants, assessing invigilators, and promoting mental health among teaching assistants. These workshops provide valuable insights and strategies for educators to effectively address challenging behaviors, support students‘ social-emotional development, and create inclusive learning environments.

The parent workshops offered cover a wide range of topics to support parents in various aspects of their child’s education and well-being. Some of the workshops focused on learning challenges, homework struggles, independent learning, studying techniques, attention and focus challenges, and memory improvement. Other workshops delve into the psychology of parenting, discipline strategies, healing from stress, communication techniques, setting limits, and natural consequences. Pathways to literacy and executive functioning skills are also addressed in separate workshops, providing strategies for language support, behavior management, and self-management skills. There are also workshops specifically designed for parents of students preparing for university and those addressing topics such as divorce, anxiety, bullying, and social skills. Lastly, workshops related to health and well-being cover topics such as asthma, attendance, hygiene, self-esteem, sleep, and test anxiety. These workshops offer parents valuable insights and practical strategies to support their children’s learning and overall development.

ReMynd Invigilator Training is FREE, and designed to prepare those who are currently employed in bilingual or international schools and are interested in becoming a ReMynd Invigilator and Assessment Team Representative for your school as well as other institutions in and outside the ReMynd Network.

To be eligible for paid invigilation assignments with our ReMynd Team, candidates must:

  • Be currently employed in bilingual or international school
  • Preregister by filling out the pre-training survey which will be sent to you after our discovery meeting
  • Be Bilingual, (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Tagalog preferred) and proficient in English with excellent verbal and written translations skills.
  • Successfully complete all trainings.

To become a ReMynd Network School, or a Trained ReMynd Invigilator, please contact us for a discovery meeting.

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